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I would like to share a little cool App Demo that I build recently with TensorFlow.js which could help you with daily neck stretches while working in front of the computer during the day.

I am a Software Engineer and as many of you, sometimes I suffer from…

I always wanted to start building my own products.

Contribute to the world by not only being a Software Engineer that helps other companies with their products either working as an employee or as a contractor where I am able to use my coding skills. …

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What are Metadata?

Metadata are data about data

for example lets say we have a hello.txt file which have 1 line of text “Hello World”

In this case “Hello World” are data

Metadata if this data would be:

  • file size
  • file format
  • file created at
  • filename
  • file location
  • created by

Other good example that i heard once:

Telephone connection

Data is the conversation itself, meaning the phone call content


  • when was the connection
  • how long was the connection
  • between which numbers
  • in which country or between which countries

What do you think ? Let me know in comments below to help me improve this article

Thanks for reading!

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To answer what is Cloud Native I will need to first explain what does a Native Application mean

Native App is a term known from mobile applications

In short it means a application that was created for a dedicated OS/Phone where it can use some specific features of a particular…

Simplest way to model a Graph or Tree

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Disclaimer: The code examples are in Scala but they will be simple enough and without any advanced features such that anyone can understand them. I am planing to run this series in multiple languages because the problems demystified here are language agnostic

Disclaimer: The code examples are in Scala but…

How to groupBy and collect rows with multiple columns into a list

How to groupBy a flat dataset into a case class that will have for example a String field and list field, where that list will contain some objects

case class Example(id: String, tags: List[SomeOtherClass])

lets imagine data sets of Crypto Currency Data

Investors Portfolios and Price Reports

Basic Models


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Do you need to be good at Math to be a successful Software Engineer ?

Before i will try to answer that question i will ask another question

Why we are even asking that question at the first place ?

The main problem is not if you are good at…

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How to create a AWS CDK template for API gateway that will have a Resource Policy

I needed to implement something like that recently and i was struggling to find a simple example on internet, so i decided to share my solution

API Gateway Resource Policy can be very useful…

Do you know what SaaS stands for ?

Yes it means Software as a Service. You may know some products that are like SaaS For example Twilio, PayPall, Zuora, Stripe and many others

The platforms that i mentioned above are services that we can integrate our Applications

Before we explain…

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Is writing code like Art?


Can we say that being a Programmer, Software Developer or Software Engineer may be like being an Artist (Musician or Painter) ?

Does Code creation is like an act of Art creation ?

I don’t think so

It is a very close subject to…

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