Apache Spark tips and recipes #1

How to groupBy and collect rows with multiple columns into a list

CoderDidit (Martin Kuzdovich)
2 min readMar 22, 2020

How to groupBy a flat dataset into a case class that will have for example a String field and list field, where that list will contain some objects

case class Example(id: String, tags: List[SomeOtherClass])

lets imagine data sets of Crypto Currency Data

Investors Portfolios and Price Reports

Basic Models

case class CryptoToken(ticker: String, count: Double)

case class CryptoInvestor(investorId: String, countryCode: String, tokens: List[CryptoToken])

case class CryptoTokenPriceReport(ticker: String, priceInUSD: Double)

Investors portfolios

val investorsPortfolios: Dataset[CryptoInvestor] = List(
CryptoInvestor("kyc-investor1", "USA", List(
CryptoToken("btc", 0.5),
CryptoToken("eth", 5)
CryptoInvestor("kyc-investor2", "UK", List(
CryptoToken("ltc", 1.5),
CryptoToken("eth", 3)
// result of investorsPortfolios.show(truncate = false)
|investorId |countryCode|tokens |
|kyc-investor1|USA |[[btc, 0.5], [eth, 5.0]]|
|kyc-investor2|UK |[[ltc, 1.5], [eth, 3.0]]|

current price reports

val tokensPriceReport: Dataset[CryptoTokenPriceReport] = List(
CryptoTokenPriceReport("btc", 8000.1),
CryptoTokenPriceReport("eth", 123.0),
CryptoTokenPriceReport("ltc", 51.2)
// result of tokensPriceReport.show(truncate = false)
|btc |8000.1 |
|eth |123.0 |
|ltc |51.2 |

Now how to perform a join of those datasets such that we will get a result in a format:

case class CryptoTokenWithCurrentValue(ticker: String, count: Double, priceInUSD: Double)

case class CryptoInvestorsReport(investorId: String, countryCode: String, tokensWithCurrentPricing: List[CryptoTokenWithCurrentValue])

To make join operation possible we will need to flatten a bit the CryptoInvestor entry such that it will be like a SQL Table row

case class CryptoInvestorTmpRow(investorId: String, countryCode: String, ticker: String, count: Double)val investorsAndPriceReportJoin = investorsPortfolios.flatMap { investor =>
import investor._
tokens.map { token =>
import token._
CryptoInvestorTmpRow(investorId, countryCode, ticker, count)
}.as[CryptoInvestorTmpRow].join(tokensPriceReport, "ticker")

After the join a new dataset will look like following

|ticker| investorId|countryCode|count|priceInUSD|
| btc|kyc-investor1| USA| 0.5| 8000.1|
| eth|kyc-investor1| USA| 5.0| 123.0|
| ltc|kyc-investor2| UK| 1.5| 51.2|
| eth|kyc-investor2| UK| 3.0| 123.0|

Now the main subject of this Post: how to perform the groupBy ?

we will use here collect_list and struct functions from org.apache.spark.sql.functions package

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.{collect_list, struct}investorsAndPriceReportJoin.groupBy("investorId", "countryCode").agg(
collect_list(struct("ticker", "count", "priceInUSD")) alias "tokensWithCurrentPricing"

the result after groupBy will look like the following

|investorId |countryCode|tokensWithCurrentPricing |
|kyc-investor1|USA |[[btc, 0.5, 8000.1], [eth, 5.0, 123.0]]|
|kyc-investor2|UK |[[ltc, 1.5, 51.2], [eth, 3.0, 123.0]] |

Checkout the full code on GitHub:

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