Do you need to be good at Math to be a successful Software Engineer

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Do you need to be good at Math to be a successful Software Engineer ?

Before i will try to answer that question i will ask another question

Why we are even asking that question at the first place ?

The main problem is not if you are good at Math or not, but the problem is with our common believes that came from Education System where we are sometimes divided into 2 groups (A: good at Math, B: not good at Math) and then making some assumptions if you are in group A you can do that things and if you are in group B you can do other things

I think we should question that and think for our selfs!

To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself

TIMOTHY LEARY, How to Operate Your Brain

Firstly just remember that you will need to learn new skills your whole life Especially if you are in Tech you have to learn all the time where new approaches on how to build Software emerge continually. I think that a large percentage of what a Software Engineer actually do is learning, at lest this in my case

Ok going back to the subject


No, yo don’t need to be good at Math to be a successful Software Engineer!

Everything depends on how motivated you are to became a Software Engineer and that is all !!! Not some believes that stayed with you because you heard them about yourself in the past

The fact that you haven’t been proficient in such field as Math or whatever else during your School time doesn’t matter today because you can work on improving it. Why not !?

There are some domains of Software Engineering were knowing more advanced Math will be required like Game Development or Machine Learning

For majority of Software Jobs basic Math is good enough

But, if you will like to do Software that will require being good at Math you can just learn that! We live in a online world now where there is plenty of knowledge and tutorials available in the internet probably in a much better quality then classic school materials

I decided to write about because that was one of the questions that i asked myself couple years ago, because i rebranded myself form Musician to Software Engineer and i haven’t though about myself as someone that is good at Math. That assumption was not objective it was based on my experience from School

And there you go! I managed to become a successful Software Engineer. I even had the opportunity to work on Machine Learning projects and if i had some knowledge gaps i was working to fill them by using materials available over the internet

Post scriptum

if you would like to fill some gaps in your Math knowledge, that is a awsome youtube channel that i was using:

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