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CoderDidit (Martin Kuzdovich)
4 min readJul 13, 2021

I always wanted to start building my own products.

Contribute to the world by not only being a Software Engineer that helps other companies with their products either working as an employee or as a contractor where I am able to use my coding skills. But I wanted to start utilizing my product ideas.

I would like to share that with the world to make a commitment with myself and kind of clarify to myself what I am up to.

I am interested in the new trend that is emerging where the Developers, Engineers, Geeks, bootstrap their own products which give them full control over vision and financials which are often taken by business people.

That is specifically noticeable in industries like crypto/blockchain, gaming, or indie hackers community where the whole idea is to build quite consistent small products that can solve a specific problem and not necessarily try to disrupt and take over the whole global market like the Silicon Valley way.

Let’s answer some questions.

  1. What CoderDidit stands for
  2. What will be the values of CoderDidit
  3. What actually I am planning to build

Ad.1 What CoderDidit stands for:

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

It means Coder Did It which basically stands for a vision where the coders/developers/software engineers create products and take credit from them, which may be opposite to the traditional way where the product vision is often maintained by someone else and then implemented by a coder which can be seen as a “coding monkey”. 🐒🐒 🙂 is a place where all my new projects will be aggregated. will be as well something like my personal brand.

Why I am not using my name instead? well my name is a bit difficult to pronounce and read for a non-slavic person. My name is Marcin Kuzdowicz. With English phonetics, it could be written as Martin Kuzdovich which I will probably use online instead of original Polish spelling.

CoderDidit (Martin Kuzdovich)

I am a Software Engineer 👨‍💻 that works remotely, builds his own projects, and shares the journey online